Battle Robots - New Albany Links

Battle Robots - New Albany Links
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RoboThink is an exciting STEM company offering fun and exciting robotics programs based on imagining, building and playing while learning engineering concepts.  Each week you will build and redesign your own BattleBots and then compete in challenging activities and competitions against your fellow classmates.  We look forward to crashing into you this Fall.

Battle Robots - New Albany Links (2023-09-12 - 2023-10-10)
Date & Time

September 12, 2023

Start - 5:00 PM Tuesday

October 10, 2023

End - 6:30 PM US/Eastern

New Albany Links Golf Club

7100 New Albany Links Dr
New Albany OH 43054 United States
--New Albany Links Golf Club--
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RoboThink Central Ohio

+1 614-582-8528

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